Welcome to the 2023 edition of Abu Dhabi Finance Week, the foremost finance, investment, and economic event in the MENA region. After the 2022 debut, which focused on exploring the ‘Falcon Economy,’ Abu Dhabi Finance Week (ADFW) ’23 will convene global financial leaders under the theme ‘Investing In The Transition Era.’ They will scrutinize the opportunities and challenges driven by economic, technological, and sustainability shifts shaping the worldwide economic landscape.


Collab is the organizing agency appointed by Abu Dhabi Finance Week to organize the Asset Abu Dhabi GP x LP Programme. Know More.


The Emirates Family Office Association is the organizing association appointed by Abu Dhabi Finance Week to organize the IFO Congress. Know More.


ADGM Authorities Building – Al Maryah Island – Abu Dhabi Global Market Square – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates. Open Map.

Previous Collab Events:

An esteemed annual event that showcases the region’s impressive financial growth. It revolves around strategic meetings with qualified investors to explore lucrative opportunities and accelerate business growth. This fosters excellence and efficiency in fundraising while contributing significantly to shaping the future of investment in the dynamic Middle Eastern landscape.

Middle East Investors Summit is a premier event for Institutional Investors and Family Offices from The Middle East. It’s an elite gathering of like minded individuals who are passionate about investment.

Investing in the Transition Era!

The distinguished events, namely the Asset Abu Dhabi GP x LP Programme and The Family Office Forum, cater to Institutional Investors and Family Offices. This exclusive gathering brings together individuals who share a mutual enthusiasm for investment, creating a congregation of like-minded experts in the field.