Middle East Investors Summit

MEIS March'23

The Middle East Investors Summit in March 2023 emerged as a paramount gathering for the region’s Institutional Investors and Family Offices, illuminating the path for the future of investment. This premier event united an exclusive circle of investment aficionados dedicated to navigating the complexities of global finance.

Participants engaged in in-depth discussions on innovative investment strategies, emerging market opportunities, and the significant impact of technological advancements in shaping financial practices. The summit served as a dynamic platform for sharing insights, forging strategic alliances, and setting the agenda for investment trends in the Middle East and beyond.

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Event Speakers

The March 2023 Middle East Investors Summit was graced with the presence of luminaries and thought leaders from across the financial world. Our distinguished speakers included visionary investors, trailblazing entrepreneurs, and experts in economic strategy, each bringing invaluable insights into the future of investment.

Hamad Sayah Al Mazrouei

Hamad Sayah Al Mazrouei

ADGM Registration Authority
HE Rashed Al Blooshi US

H. E. Rashed Abdulkarim Al Blooshi

Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development
Fahima Albastaki

Fahima Albastaki

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX)
Sandro Salsano

Sandro Salsano

Salsano Group
Hans-Jörg Baumann

Hans-Jörg Baumann

StepStone Group
Ahmed Nasser Al Nowais

Ahmed Nasser Al Nowais

Annex Investments
Henk Potts

Henk Potts

Barclays Private Bank
Sriram Image

Sriram Jaganmohan

Miras Management

Event Agenda

The agenda for the March 2023 Middle East Investors Summit was meticulously curated to cover the spectrum of investment innovation and trends shaping the future. Our sessions ranged from in-depth analyses of global economic shifts to strategic approaches in venture capital and private equity. Panel discussions brought together experts for lively debates on the challenges and opportunities in emerging markets, offering actionable insights for attendees committed to staying ahead in the dynamic world of investment.

Global Venture Capital Investors

VC investing worldwide on both a deal and dollar volume basis.


ESG in the private market space: accelerating the integration of sustainable investment and business practices.

Crypto Investment

Unlocking the financial transformation in the Web 3.0 era: DeFi, Blockchain and CBDC

Gulf Family Office

Good Governance is the bedrock of a successful family business

Technology Investment

Building The Tech Ecosystem of Tomorrow - Fostering Digital Transformation to establish a global technology

China Investments

How zero emission Unicorns are “Made in China”

Global Financial Markets

A Broader Perspective from Industry Experts

Gulf Institutional Investors

Assessing the modern investment landscape of the Middle East and allowing economic diversification

Middle East Venture Capital

An access to cutting-edge trends, existing know-how, regional insights and more

Emirates Family Office Association

With Adam Ladjadj, Chairman
Emirates Family Office Association

Event Schedule

The March 2023 Middle East Investors Summit unfolded over an engaging two-day schedule, meticulously planned to maximize the value for each participant. Day one kicked off with a series of keynote speeches focusing on the future of investment in the Middle East, followed by breakout sessions that allowed for deeper dives into specific topics such as digital finance, ESG investing, and regional market analysis. The afternoon was dedicated to networking and one-to-one meetings, arranged to foster strategic connections. Day two built on the momentum with panel discussions on global economic trends, interactive workshops on investment strategies, and roundtable debates, concluding with a gala dinner that celebrated the summit’s collaborative spirit.

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