H. E. Rashed Abdulkarim Al Blooshi

Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development


His Excellency Rashed Al Blooshi has started his professional career 24 years ago from Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, to assume different positions until he became the CEO of ADX. As he could attract attention to his competence and leave an obvious mark as a successful economic character and a modern executive with a clear future vision in the alignment of Abu Dhabi market strategy with the plans of Abu Dhabi government, in addition to developing its performance to promote the local economy.

His Excellency holds the position of Undersecretary of ADDED, as a holder of a pioneering experience who plays a pivotal role in the diversification of economic investment in the emirate, as well as the enrichment of knowledge economy in a manner that contributes to the economic vision of Abu Dhabi 2030. As he oversees the launch of leading programs and initiatives that are based upon innovation and development of plans and strategies that promote the competitive environment, streamline businesses and support the investment attraction of Abu Dhabi to become one of the best regional and international destinations for doing businesses and attracting capitals and investments.

In addition to his current position, Al Blooshi assumes several memberships in the Board of Directors as well as local and federal committees.

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MEIS March'2023