Dr. Ing Antonio Feraco

Senior Advisor for Industrial Strategy
Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development


Dr. Ing Antonio Feraco, is Senior Advisor for Industrial Strategy in the Industrial Development Bureau of the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development. His responsibilities ranges from the co-development of policies and strategies supporting the manufacturing sector, in adopting technologies within Industry 4.0 space to enable a safe, secure and sustainable digital transformation. He was previously Vice President of Digital Service and Managing Consultant for Industry 4.0 in a global MNC where he co-led the development of a international recognized Digital Maturity Assessment, an AI Quality Management System and the Industry 4.0 practice.

With a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, a MSc in Industrial Engineer and a PMP®, Antonio ran successful projects in I4.0 and Digital Transformation for Oil and Gas, Mining, Chemicals, F&B, and Pharma, and has joined several international and large initiatives in EU and ASEAN, as a Digitisation and Industry 4.0 expert.

He worked with Applied R&D, consultancy and technology advisory sector before and has comprehensive experience in AR and VR, AI, business process optimisation, project management, energy efficiency and robotics leading projects in Smart Manufacturing, Smart City and Energy Efficiency

Antonio is also part of the Advisory Board of the AI Asia Pacific Institute, an Adjunct Professor of Innovation Process Management at the University of Vitez since 2013. He also delivers talks for industry and academia in both Technical topics such as Predictive Maintenance, and non-Technical ones like Management of Innovation Processes and Technology Transfer Strategies and Expert Evaluator for Manufacturing Innovation Project Proposals for the European Commission.

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