Essam Albakr

Founder | CEO
Ejada Capital


Essam is a dynamic and passionate investment professional with deep industry experience, in-depth knowledge of the markets dynamics and proven track-record establishing and growing businesses. He’s the Founder and CEO of Ejada Capital, a Riyadh based private equity firm.

Essam have represented and advised many entrepreneurs and top family offices in the Gulf region. He’s also a prolific Venture Capitalist, who established several companies including (Digicom Systems, Datastream Arabia, and Digicom Egypt among others), before launching his advisory firm 13 years ago. Essam now manages a diverse fund management firm with over a $1.3 billion in AUM, multi-national-multi-strategy private equity firm with a combined experience and track record of 25 years, selectively disciplined in credit & finance, venture capital, and advisory services.

Essam’s been seating on different Boards of top family offices in the Region providing the blueprint for advisory processes. He has developed his activity with rigor and transparency aiming at the best opportunities to expand his clients’ investment horizons. Essam’s commitment is horizontal to different areas: Private Debt (TradeFinance), Deal Structuring, Investment banking, Venture Capital, Structured Finance, Corporate Consulting, and Financial Advisory.

His career evolved from entrepreneurship to investments and his approach is by practice, which derived from his wide and extensive experience as manager and entrepreneur across different sectors.

Before founding Ejada Capital, Essam covered several management roles and developed and executed long-term investment strategies for investors, including relevant private placement mandates. During his ICT experience his Company was recognized for its achievements several times and received Honors award from the Saudi Arabian Minister of Commerce among others. Essam managed Digicom Systems’ first Private Placement and, prior to that deal, he oversaw the Peer-to-Peer VC funding of bolt-on acquisitions.

Essam helped through his advisory and directorship roles several Start Ups succeed. Essam’s experience in the ICT as a successful entrepreneur, were the catalysts of his shift to the Investment sector.

Essam was recognized throughout his 25-year career on industry, and social achievements:

  • By His Excellency Saudi Arabia Minister of Commerce and Investment, and Minister of Labour and Social Development for his efforts and diligence in helping to establish the first Youth Business Committee 15 years ago in KSA, which played a pivotal role in creating the first building blocks for which today’s Venture Capital, and Angel’s ecosystem thrive and succeed, and moreover his instrumental role in helping to establish the SME Development Authority in Saudi Arabia.
  • Appreciation Award for helping to establish the Saudi Chapter as Co-Founding Member of Young Arab Leaders YAL
  • Entrepreneur of the Year Arabian Business Saudi Achievement Award
  • Best Young Saudi CEO of the Year CEO Magazine

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