Isabelle Amiel Azoulai

Founding and Managing Partner
Sienna Venture Capital


Isabelle Amiel Azoulai is a seasoned professional with a rich background spanning venture capital, private equity, and investment banking. Currently serving as the Founding & Managing Partner at Sienna Venture Capital in Paris, France, she is at the forefront of shaping the venture capital vertical and strategy for Sienna Investment Manager. Isabelle brings extensive expertise to her role, advising the group on private asset investments, particularly in the realm of technology and venture opportunities.

Prior to her tenure at Sienna Venture Capital, Isabelle held the position of Managing Partner at La Maison SA, where she co-founded a prominent private equity and venture capital investment group. Over her eight-year tenure, she led a multitude of tech-focused investments globally, overseeing the deployment of $500 million across more than 60 growth companies in various countries. Her strategic acumen and leadership resulted in numerous successful exits and the establishment of several unicorns within the portfolio. Before her venture into venture capital, Isabelle distinguished herself in the realm of private banking as a Investment Partner at Credit Suisse, where she managed a substantial client book, providing tailored solutions across multi-asset class issues and consistently ranking as a top contributor in NNA’s and revenues. This diverse background underscores Isabelle’s prowess in navigating complex financial landscapes and driving impactful investment strategies.

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