Jana Boyd

Executive Director Strategic Partnerships, Environmental Advocacy
Legacy Global Initiative


Jana Boyd, a visionary leader, is dedicated to driving innovation and growth in disruptive technology, energy transition, and the green economy. With a global reach extending from the US to Asia, she fosters collaborations and builds strategic partnerships across various sectors, including Biotech, Quantum Computing, Sustainability, and Carbon Markets.

Her recent contributions to initiatives like the UNSSC and clean energy projects have garnered recognition from the UN Energy Secretariat. Jana is actively involved in three esteemed Expert Groups with the UN Europe, focusing on Resource Management, Gas, and Hydrogen.

As a recipient of prestigious awards and recognitions, including a Doctor Honoris Causa, Jana continues to make significant contributions to global economic and cultural diplomacy. She also serves on numerous boards, both profit-driven and charitable, worldwide.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Jana enjoys spending time on the tennis court, horseback riding, and exploring the desert landscapes. Her efforts play a vital role in bridging connections between the US and the Middle East, facilitating collaborative efforts in energy transition, technology, and sustainability.

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Event3: MEIS May'2024