Matein Khalid

Matein Khalid

Advisor to the Chairman and CIO
Phoenix Holdings


Matein Khalid is the global capital markets advisor to the Chairman of Phoenix Holdings and strategic advisor to Asas Capital in the DIFC. He has 30 years experience with global investment banks and Hedge Funds in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, London and Geneva.

Additionally, Matein serves as a Partner to a Media Content IP Investing Franchise in Hollywood / Asia that creates animation movies, TV series, games & IP licensing. In the UAE, he has been the Chief Investment Officer at several major royal and ultra-high net worth family offices.

Mr. Khalid has published articles on capital markets in the media in London, Dubai, Bahrain and Oman. He is an adjunct professor of banking and real estate finance at the American University of Sharjah and member of the academic advisory board of SBA.

Mr. Khalid has four degrees in finance, economics, banking and international relations from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in the US.

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