Miriam Kiwan

Chief Executive Officer


Miriam Kiwan is the CEO of INTEROPE, a Web 3 strategic advisory focused on the development of the regional web 3.0 economy. Interope supports international entities expanding to the region through regulatory support services and strategic access to market.

She is also a Founding Board Member of the Emirates Family Office Association, a not for profit association supporting and connecting regional and global family offices. In addition, she is an advisor to DeFi and Layer 1 protocols.

Prior to this, Miriam led Digital Assets and Strategic Partnerships at Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) until mid 2022, where she led the development of the digital asset ecosystem by focusing on attracting global players within the crypto and web3 space, while leveraging new partnerships that contribute to the growth of ADGM. She has engaged and onboarded key players in the tech and web3 space, including virtual assets service providers, fund managers and other web3 entities from Asia and the US.


Miriam also spearheaded tech entrepreneurship and innovation at ADGM, focusing on positioning the Centre as the leading tech startup hub in the MEASA region, while improving connectedness with regional and global tech ecosystems. Through close collaborations with government entities, investors, accelerators and other key ecosystem enablers, Miriam led several initiatives to improve access to funding, market and talent in the UAE.  This resulted in over 450 tech start-ups, VCs and accelerators joining the ADGM community since 2018.


Throughout her career, Miriam held various strategic roles within the Web3, technology, financial services and higher education sectors, both in the UAE and Europe. She holds a Global EMBA from TRIUM, a joint program between London School of Economics, New York University Stern and HEC Paris. She has recently completed a blockchain and cryptocurrencies program with UC Berkeley. Miriam lives in Dubai with her husband and two kids.

She can be reached at Miriam@inteope.co; https://www.linkedin.com/in/miriamkiwan; Twitter: @miriamkiwan

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