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Forex, CFD and Exchange Listed Derivatives Trading Platform

APM Capital Limited is a leading financial brokerage firm regulated by the Abu Dhabi Global Markets Financial Services Regulatory Authority. With a team of professionals dedicated to excellence, we offer diverse investment products including CFDs and Exchange-Traded Derivatives.

Our core values of transparency and integrity drive an unparalleled trading experience, supported by advanced technological solutions and exceptional customer care. We prioritize accessibility for both Professional & Retail clients, offering immediate order execution and innovative trading platforms.

Our commitment to inclusivity extends to comprehensive education through online webinars and seminars. Join us to access global financial markets with confidence and embark on a journey towards financial success.

5 Key Points:

  • Regulatory Excellence
  • Client-Centric Approach
  • Technological Innovation
  • Inclusivity
  • Comprehensive Education

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Real Estate – Asia

Bornite Capital is a New York-based investment firm founded by CIO Dan Dreyfus in 2019. Bornite seeks to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns by combining a long-term investment approach with active management to maximize returns and minimize the risk of permanent capital loss.

The firm mainly invests in public equities across energy, materials, industrials, consumer and TMT, but has a core focus on cyclical equities in commodity related sectors.

The firm offers two products:

  • A long/short equity fund that is uncorrelated and CAGRs 17+% net Inception to date
  • A Sector specialized long-biased equity fund which CAGRs 23% net Inception to date


Bornite’s flagship long/short fund launched in January 2020 and is focused on Infrastructure investments across three core verticals:

  • Commodities
  • Industrials
  • Consumer/TMT

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Fundamental Global Equity Long / Short Fund

Century R, the premier advisory firm dedicated to empowering multi-family offices in managing their wealth with precision and expertise. As a trusted partner, we understand the intricate dynamics and unique challenges faced by multi-family offices, and we stand ready to provide tailored solutions that drive growth, optimize investments, and ensure long-term success.

Our team of seasoned advisors brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the multi-family office landscape, allowing us to offer comprehensive strategies that align with your specific goals and aspirations.

With Century R by your side, you can confidently navigate the complexities of wealth management and unlock the full potential of your family office. Join us on this transformative journey as we empower you to take control of your financial future and achieve new heights of prosperity.

5 Key Points:

  • We are a very unique energetic team who create new opportunities for global investments
  • One of our products ranking #1 in the world in terms of performance
  • We works with our closed partner who produced a very stable return for over 15 years
  • We proposed product that has a long-term lease backed by the UK Government for 30 years with additional insurance wrapped on its rental income
  • We work for the Richest Family in Thailand to promote their Sustainability Projects Globally

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Fundamental Global Equity Long / Short Fund

Demeter Tactical Investments Corp. is a Wyoming company for tax purposes with operations in New York and Louisville. It acts as a manager for multiple investment funds and strategies.

Demeter IntelliFund Insulae: – The objective of the Fund is to outperform the return of the S&P 500 Index (price only) each month without regard to prevailing marketing conditions and with low market correlation. The proprietary strategy is based on data science; machine learning, i.e., advanced statistics and probability analysis; and the published academic research of the principal conducted at the University of Chicago under the instruction of the 2013 Nobel Prize winner in Economics, Eugene Fama.

Demeter Tactical Investments blends machine learning algorithms, ranging from traditional statistics (bolstered by post-modern portfolio theory) to supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning. In order to exploit their diverse strengths, we often blend multiple methods within a single strategy. We strive to extract the best from both of the dominant traditions in statistics and applied mathematics (Breiman, 2001).

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Venture capital – Cleantech & Sustainability Focused Investments

The Emend Vision Fund I LP (the Fund) will generate above-market returns through investments that address the increased demand for sound environmental and sustainability focused products and services by industry. The Fund is seeking to raise $70M for seed and early-stage investments with a focus on Canada and North America. The GP will contribute $7M toward fund closing or 10%. $30 has been committed to date by institutional investors and high net worth Canadian families.

The Emend team has worked together for a decade and has focused on cleantech for the past six years. Our track record as of December 31, 2023, includes $22.7M cash returned on $3.2M invested (7.1X), and $27.2M of unrealized gains on $3.2M invested (8.7x). Having established companies as part of the Canadian based Alacrity program, the fund managers have founded companies with valuations at the time of exit totaling $818M. Overall, the team has invested $6.3M and has created a market value of $52M for the fund. Representing an investment multiple of 8.3X. The Emend team has generated a Gross IRR of 28% on its investments and a DPI of 3.4.

The team has founded and supported companies that have attracted investment from Inovia Capital, M12 (Microsoft Ventures), Yaletown Ventures, Rhino Ventures, Wesley Clover, Weekend Fund, East Valley Ventures, Tribe, Hello Ventures, Enbridge Emerging Technology Fund, e@UBC, S3, and others. Terms are favorable for LPs with a hurdle rate of 6% on contributed capital before profits are earned by the GP. The core investment areas for the Fund are Industrial Transformation (Oil & Gas, Mining, Building Materials), Technology (AI and IoT) for Critical Infrastructure and Food and Water Safety Technology.

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Sustainable Shipping Investment

European Maritime Finance ( EMF) is an AIFM approved fund management company focused on maritime investments. The company was founded in 2014. Our objective is to create a bridge between ship owners seeking to raise capital and professional investors who aim to take advantage of the cyclical characteristics of the maritime world.

In 2018 , our Copenhagen headquarters was established due to our ever- growing Scandinavian client base. Through a local presence we are better suited to service clients throughoutthe Nordic region. Today EMF has offices in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

EMF performs Fund Management and Investment Management and works closely together with well established shipowners, fleet operators, and shipyards to cover the full value chain of vessel investing and to perform commercial, technical and operational management.

Our investment strategy has primarily been focused on newbuilding projects in both tankers, bulk carriers, car carriers and now ammonia gas tankers. Diversification in time and segments has been key. Our track record has on average delivered 1 . 73 money multiple with an average investment period of 17 months.

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Latin American Mining Fund

Founded in 2019, Galapagos Capital is an independent investment company, with offices in Brazil, USA, and Switzerland. Our mission is to be the protagonist in the evolution of the financial and capital markets. Galapagos Capital has three major business units, accounting for more than 50,000 clients and R$23 billion Assets under Management. Our Investment Banking division provides independent advisory in M&A, capital raising, origination and structuring of debt securities for companies. The Asset Management business unit manages structured credit, multi-strategy, global macro, real estate, and systematic trend-following investment funds, while the Wealth Management division provides portfolio management for individuals and families. 5 Key Points:
  • Robust Pipeline
  • Experienced Investment and Mining Executives
  • Developed Logistics and Infrastructure
  • Brazil is a Mining Powerhouse
  • Strong Global Demand for Ore Production

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Healthcare Investment – AI and Technology

Health Catalyst Capital Management LLC (HCC) invests in private, growth-stage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other information technology applied to healthcare. This strategic focus is driven by the potential for significant growth and capital appreciation, with HCC typically investing in senior preferred equity, leading minority or majority equity stakes in companies generating revenues of $5 million to $50 million with the potential to quintuple revenue in a large serviceable addressable market. HCC underwrites each investment to a target 3-4.5x gross MOIC over a 5-year hold.

HCC’s investment process includes trend spotting through continuous dialogue with major healthcare companies, investing in digital health businesses capable of transforming healthcare sectors with improved patient outcomes and lower costs, and fostering value creation through active portfolio management and governance. Moreover, HCC leverages its extensive IPO experience and direct relationships with strategic acquirers to ensure clear exit paths for its investments.

HCC believes A.I. and other information technology will change the way healthcare is delivered and will be adopted across the industry including in basic research, drug discovery, diagnostics, clinical care and patient self-care.

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Private Equity China

Immensus Capital is a mid-growth private equity firm focused on high-growth investments in China. With expertise and strong value-proposition in the B2B supply chain sector, we offer offshore investors exclusive access to unique and distinctive investment opportunities.

Our strategic concentration on overlooked sectors provides us with a valuable “first mover” advantage. We are driven by a passion for investment and a curiosity about evolving market dynamics. Our portfolio includes twelve companies in sectors such as industrial e-commerce, industrial SaaS and IoT, B2B service outsourcing, and supply chain logistics. Exits are generated via IPOs or trade sales with expected returns of 4-6x MOIC and an IRR of 25-30%.

Additionally, we offer co-investment opportunities to investors and are currently in the final due diligence stage of a cross-border logistics investment. Founded by CIO Robert Yao, hails from Goldman Sachs Asia Special Situations Group and Mount Kellett Capital, Immensus Capital is supported by a strong institutional investor base. The firm manages two funds with $200 million AUM and its Fund I is being recognized as one of the top performing RMB-denominated PE funds in the vintage period of 2015-2020.

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Venture Capital – European Technology

Isomer Accelerant is an active scale up fund for Pan-European technology companies. We invest in companies whose products improve their customers margins, investing post series A. We target 3-5-4.7x money returns and aim to return the investor’s commitment within 6 years. The team have a strong and complementary track record having been involved in the creation of 15 Unicorns. Accelerant has a significant selection advantage through our platform partner Isomer Capital , that has invested in over 2000 European Companies through its 75 Venture Fund Managers. The Fund has 3 distinct areas of specialization, scale up operating expertise , Deeptech and AI. Accelerant Fund USP’s:
  • Charles and Mike are an experienced team with strong and complimentary track records both in the stage of investment and sector specialism.
  • Our platform partner, Isomer Capital, gives us proprietary access and selection advantage to over 2000 underlying technology Companies via 75 Venture Fund managers.
  • Our two scale up partners( Stephen Kelly and Steve Garnett) are recognized as world class Technology scale up entrepreneurs who have delivered multibillion-dollar value to Public and private investors alike.
  • We have a World leading team commercially successful at the cutting edge of AI. This will give us highly differentiated insight into future Investment trends and opportunities.

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European Growth Equity DeepTech Investment

Jolt Capital is the leading European, growth equity, deeptech and impact investor. With 30 operating, industrial and investment experts and an expanding global footprint, Jolt Capital has scaled Deeptech champions since 2011 in cybersecurity, AI, semiconductors, healthcare, mobility, photonics, advanced materials, delivering 25% average IRR and targeting 3.5x cash-on-cash multiples. Jolt Capital is uniquely backed by proprietary AI-powered sourcing and market intelligence toolsuite Jolt.Ninja, comprising over 3.9 companies, and shared with our LPs. Jolt Capital is the largest and most experienced European growth equity deeptech investor, raising its 5th fund, for a target size of €750m-€1bn bringing AUM to c.€1.5bn. 5 Key points:
  • The leading and most-experienced European growth deeptech investor
  • Superior returns in scaling Deeptech champions since 2011
  • Next-gen investor uniquely backed by hands-on experts and a unique AI-powered proprietary toolsuite
  • A top-notch ESG investor with a distinctive climate impact focus
  • Committed to build a long-term partnership and already trusted by top-notch investors

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Entertainment Investment – Movie Fund

RUR, will be an Investment Movie Fund dedicated to movie production, development, packaging, and distribution. With $100 million deployed in assets comprising of movie packages, scripts, and intellectual property, RUR aims to collaboratively develop and produce these projects alongside financial partners like Hammerstone, Highland, Netflix, Paramount and other private financing groups.

We seek to fundraise $150 million to increase our library and movie portfolio. With average ROI over 20% annually and growing industry profile creates very interesting opportunity for investors. The fund has over 40 films and series that were prepared with renowned creators such as Steven King (IT), Sasha Baron Cohen (Borat), Sam Rami (Spiderman), Matt Reeves (Batman).

5 Key points:

  • Industry (hollywood) best people collected under one roof
  • Over 40 projects in different stages ready to be produced
  • High diversification creates stable revenue stream for investors
  • Experienced internal team with stable foundations
  • Over $100 million already invested.

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Healthcare Investments – Therapeutic and Biotech Services

Monograph Capital is a life sciences venture firm founded by a team of seasoned biotech investors and company builders. Led by our chair, Dr Fred Cohen (TPG Biotech, Vida Ventures), we have 12 funds between the partners, with 36 lead investments and 22 exits over the last two decades. We invested Monograph Fund I over the last three years in both therapeutics and P&L services businesses, with one exit and one company in IPO-registration already.We are trans-Atlantic, with offices in San Francisco and London. We are now raising Fund II, have completed a first close north of $100m. 5 Key Points:
  • Seasoned life sciences investment team with the right balance of clinical and research experience, with 12 prior funds, 37 lead investments, 22 exits over the last 20 years and top decile performance
  • Deeply embedded in leading universities and friendly venture firms to drive advantaged sourcing; strongly networked with top pharmaceutical company leaders to facilitate M&A
  • Competent and experienced across stages from early build to public company growth—able to find the value inflection points at any market cycle
  • Builds risk-balance portfolios with innovative therapeutics and AI-enabled pharma services companies to combine clinical risk with P&L businesses
  • Fundamentally disciplined investment process, with tight valuation criteria and a focus on urgency in company development and provision of funds back to LPs

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North American Energy Investment

Pelican Energy Partners is a highly experienced private equity firm with a successful track record of investing in North American-based oilfield service and equipment (“OFSE”) companies.

Based in Houston, TX and founded in 2011 by experienced energy service veterans, Pelican has deployed three OFSE-focused funds throughout the Firm’s history, generating strong returns for its investor base. Pelican has broad investment sourcing relationships and has invested in a variety of transaction structures, including buyouts, recapitalizations, growth equity and corporate carve-outs.

The Firm utilizes a systematic approach to improve and grow portfolio companies into scaled enterprises through its proven Value Creation Toolbox.

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European Growth Equity DeepTech Investment

Propel Bio Partners is a life science focused fund, co-founded by Richard Kayne and Leen Kawas in 2022. Kayne has broad experience in capital markets, deal sourcing, and fund strategies. Kawas brought extensive experience in drug discovery, clinical development, finance, and commercialization through her experience co-founding and building Athira Pharma.

The fund is focused on micro, small to mid-sized companies developing highly differentiated therapeutics, backed by a team of industry experts specialized in biological sciences, medicine, regulatory, operations, and commercialization. Propel’s vision is to advance human health with disruptive technologies – driving investment strategy with science and business expertise.

5 Key points:

  • Specialized investors with operational expertise and knowledge advantage
  • Extensive capital market and investment expertise with co-founder Richard Kayne
  • Sourcing advantage across the biotech and capital networks
  • Value added investment: in additional to capital, Propel provides companies with access to a network of experts to guide business and clinical strategies and optimize the probability of success
  • Opportunity to participate in unique deals in publicly-traded companies

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European Growth Investment Fund

Sienna Venture Capital is a premier VC firm specializing in early-growth and growth-stage B2B software companies within impactful sectors such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, digital health, mobility and agrifoodtech. Based in Paris, we invest in US and Israeli-based companies, offering them unparalleled access to European markets through strategic partnerships, thus maximizing value for our portfolio companies as they expand their businesses.

Working together for the last decade, our track records include 50+ investments, 16 exits, 17 companies valued over $1B and a disciplined approach ensuring robust returns of 3 to 5x MOIC. With an initial closing of $100M in 2023, sponsored by the GBL Holdings, we are targeting a fund of $250M. To date, we deployed $40 million in 7 companies.

5 Key Points:

  • Proven Track Record: Backed by decades of VC experience, we have managed 4 funds totaling $500 million with an average IRR of 44% across 16 exits.
  • Capital-Efficient Strategy: We strategically invest $5-15 million in companies primed for success in both thriving and challenging market conditions, ensuring resilience and maximizing returns.
  • Access to Unique Tech Ecosystems: Sienna Startup Nation focuses on supporting early-growth and growth B2B software companies in the US and Israel.
  • Tech for Purpose Commitment: We prioritize investments in companies that address environmental and societal challenges, aligning profitability with positive impact.
  • Global Reach, Local Impact: Actively seeking synergies with the UAE and with backing from GBL and a diverse investor base, we have established a solid foundation for growth.

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Private Debt

StepStone Group is a global private markets specialist that currently oversees more than $588 billion of private capital allocations, including over $137 billion of assets under management as of June 30, 2022. In 2021, StepStone allocated more than US$75 billion across fund investments, secondary investments and co-investments on behalf of some of the world’s most influential and sophisticated investors. StepStone provides both discretionary and non-discretionary investment services in private markets.

StepStone Private Debt (“SPD”) was formed in 1998 and offers comprehensive coverage of the entire private debt spectrum from performing (senior to junior/ mezzanine) to non-performing across the corporate, real estate, infrastructure sectors and credit specialties. The private debt strategy is differentiated primarily by its multi-manager approach and the SPD platform containing several GP managed accounts negotiated with selected international loan managers.

Currently, the SPD Platform has onboarded over 40 corporate private debt SMAs for investment. Due to economies of scale on our platform, our negotiated terms with the managers offer an advantageous cost structure, meaning that additional costs may be neutralized. Lastly, the SPD Platform offers access to private debt via primaries, secondaries, SMAs, and co-investments.

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Sports, Media & Entertainment Ecosystem Investments

Velocity Capital Management is a lower middle market Private Equity firm investing in growth stage companies across the sports, media and entertainment ecosystem. Velocity doesn’t invest in professional sports teams by design, but prioritize new verticals capitalizing on the disruptive transformation of Intellectual Property across these industries. Velocity’s Founders have 60 years of institutional investment and operating experience (Apollo, ESPN, Credit Suisse).

Velocity is raising $350 million and its fund has 5 existing portfolio companies including Parella Motorsports (grassroots motorsports racing) X Games (action sports brand) Elevate (consulting agency) Videocites (media measurement) and Camp (family focused live experiential licensing IP).

5 Key Points:

  • Extensive Institutional Investment Experience: Investment leadership roles at Apollo Management, Credit Suisse and Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment
  • Compelling and Actionable Market Opportunity: The Sports, Media and Entertainment ecosystem has emerged as an institutionally investable asset class
  • Competitive Advantages: Access to proprietary deal flow; Value-Add Strategic Partner; Thesis-driven investing
  • Focused Mandate: Domain experts with sector operating and ownership experience
  • Seasoned Portfolio: Closed 5 investments with significant upside appreciation

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